Monday, 9 May 2011


Some time ago I did the cover art for Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. There will also be an interview and artshowcase, but Im not sure which issue that will be in. Possibly JUNE. Here is the cover for issue 256.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


A couple of pieces of concept art added to
These are early roughs for some zombie ideas. NaziSmashers is currently in pre-prodcution. More info here..

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Here it is, my lifes been on hold for while untill I got this finnished. Glad I did it though, was allot of fun playing with the designs and going mental on the detail.

This is by far the largest image Ive done, in terms of time/ content and indeed file size 10300 x 5050 pixels. Approx 60 hours to complete. The image is all about setting the scene and composing a strong mood , one significatley different than any of the previous incarnations of the franchise. Iv re-designed the look and feel of Ed-209 ( giving a harder edge and miltary feel, cops, riot police, punks. Going for a much more gritty, visualy violent and manic feel overall. When it came to Robocp himself, I played around with sleek designs ( but sleek to me, felt too much like IronMan so I dropped that idea), massive mech vesions and so on. I settled with a throw back to the original but with much more outer machanical elements, as a bare bones , hardend , military machine.
Iv purposely left the helmet off in this version, I wanted the human face to balance the added mass of machine. I may do another version later, with the helmet and play around with some more design elements.