Wednesday, 1 October 2008


On a trip to some place I forgot the name of I came across a small temple. It was Ganesh the India deity, the guard who had his head chopped off and replaced with an elephants head. Anyway, I’ve been to many temples before while in India but this one was different.

A small room aprox 6 meters in diameter with the colorful wooden Ganesh statue in the centre. As soon as I stepped inside I felt something just above my stomach, as if it lifted my body slightly out of synch. This feeling didn’t go until I left the temple.

Now I presume it was energy, my friends all feel energy in certain places, all talk about it like it’s the norm. However I’ve never experienced it before so it was a shock.

6 weeks later it was Ganesh day and I was in the streets of Pune waving a flag, in the centre of festival crazies. Buts I guess that’s another blog.

DELI and my balls

Deli was amazing, I got a flight from PUNE to Deli then a driver to Agra to Visit the Taj Mahal on the saturday then came back on the sunday . Now about 4 years ago a found an ornament in a small shop in the Lake District Uk. About the size of a cricket ball, deep red and gold, looked like wood and copper, I thought it was medieval. I love it, dont know why, its just odd and creepy in that I havent a clue what it is, Ive never seen one since...

Then in a small shop In Agra/India, low and behold on the bottom shelf in a mass of wooden elephants is the same ball but green where the other was red. They guy who sold it to me didnt speak much English, all I got was that it was made from Camel bone.

So now I have two balls :) Awesome.