Wednesday, 1 October 2008


On a trip to some place I forgot the name of I came across a small temple. It was Ganesh the India deity, the guard who had his head chopped off and replaced with an elephants head. Anyway, I’ve been to many temples before while in India but this one was different.

A small room aprox 6 meters in diameter with the colorful wooden Ganesh statue in the centre. As soon as I stepped inside I felt something just above my stomach, as if it lifted my body slightly out of synch. This feeling didn’t go until I left the temple.

Now I presume it was energy, my friends all feel energy in certain places, all talk about it like it’s the norm. However I’ve never experienced it before so it was a shock.

6 weeks later it was Ganesh day and I was in the streets of Pune waving a flag, in the centre of festival crazies. Buts I guess that’s another blog.

DELI and my balls

Deli was amazing, I got a flight from PUNE to Deli then a driver to Agra to Visit the Taj Mahal on the saturday then came back on the sunday . Now about 4 years ago a found an ornament in a small shop in the Lake District Uk. About the size of a cricket ball, deep red and gold, looked like wood and copper, I thought it was medieval. I love it, dont know why, its just odd and creepy in that I havent a clue what it is, Ive never seen one since...

Then in a small shop In Agra/India, low and behold on the bottom shelf in a mass of wooden elephants is the same ball but green where the other was red. They guy who sold it to me didnt speak much English, all I got was that it was made from Camel bone.

So now I have two balls :) Awesome.

Sunday, 31 August 2008



As you all know the Butterflysoldiers concept is long overdue. India is indeed the perfect place to write the book, and create the illustrations. Apologies for the lack of updates once again. Believe me I did start to create a number of illustrations , then I was contacted by a Film Director friend of mine. Who is working on a couple of new movies and wanted my help, I read the script and could not turn this down. So am busy creating a mass of concept art for this, and loving every minute. It's creepy, scary, disturbed and unique for sure.

So Butterflysodiers once again is on the backburner, hopefully not for too long. I will be in India for another few months so plenty of time yet.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Paris vs Chuck Norris

Day four in Paris, I'm here for another 4 days before I fly to India.
Had endless meetings for the last three days which actually where allot of fun as I got to meet some really great people. Very friendly, very helpful and considering they dont really know me they are putting alot of faith in me, I hope I can live upto it.

So Paris.. mmmm, not to my liking at all. Today was my first full day in Paris to wander, I got the metro to Paris centre then walked for hours and hours taking in the site. Went to the Lourve , spending more endless hours walking and my conculsion. Why is Paris so obsessed with its aristocratal history. Monuments of the rich built by and for the rich, really not my cup of tea at all. I'm going to try and get out to the old medievel towns of the next couple of days, Ive wanted to visit Rouen so hopefully I can work out how to get there.

I'm staying in Montruie, theres no alternative / industrial night clubs ? wheres all the underground music?.

Infact unlike say Germany where body art and tattoos are common place as a form of self expression Paris is totaly void of such beauty

As soon as a stepped foot in the centre of Paris a Gimmy pounced. A skinny well dressed man from Kenya, he grabbed my arm and began to wind a bracelat around my wrist while trying to make conversation. Told me I was a good looking man, I look like Chuck Noris apparently, maybe its the beared and black clothes, then he asked for 20 Euros. I gave him 4 for the sheer nerve and wished him luck. The real Chuck wouldnt have let things get the far, just a swift roundouse to the head as soon as he grabbed my arm. He should count himself lucky.

Another gimmy pretended to find a gold ring near where I stood, gave it me then walked away. Only briefly before returning and asking for money , WTF! This pissed me off, more cons, I gave him the ring and said buy some with this and leave me the fuck alone, he walked away.

So tmrw, maybe the Effel Tower followed by a nice meel somewhere , 'table for one please' gets a bit boring after a while.

Lets hope Paris opens up to me in the next few days, and shows me the 'magic' of Paris.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

INDIA , the book, the rain, the heat, the job.

As of 27th June I shall be on my way to India to teach art within computer games development. Recruit and train artists in Pune/India.

I have created this blogsite to keep track of this trip, places of interest, images, photos and art development.

With such a wondeful place, dence with forests, culture, spiritulism, drenched in monsoons and heat, its a perfect place to finnish the butterflysoldiers book.

I will keep people updated on its progress. thx