Wednesday, 1 October 2008

DELI and my balls

Deli was amazing, I got a flight from PUNE to Deli then a driver to Agra to Visit the Taj Mahal on the saturday then came back on the sunday . Now about 4 years ago a found an ornament in a small shop in the Lake District Uk. About the size of a cricket ball, deep red and gold, looked like wood and copper, I thought it was medieval. I love it, dont know why, its just odd and creepy in that I havent a clue what it is, Ive never seen one since...

Then in a small shop In Agra/India, low and behold on the bottom shelf in a mass of wooden elephants is the same ball but green where the other was red. They guy who sold it to me didnt speak much English, all I got was that it was made from Camel bone.

So now I have two balls :) Awesome.

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