Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Here it is, my lifes been on hold for while untill I got this finnished. Glad I did it though, was allot of fun playing with the designs and going mental on the detail.

This is by far the largest image Ive done, in terms of time/ content and indeed file size 10300 x 5050 pixels. Approx 60 hours to complete. The image is all about setting the scene and composing a strong mood , one significatley different than any of the previous incarnations of the franchise. Iv re-designed the look and feel of Ed-209 ( giving a harder edge and miltary feel, cops, riot police, punks. Going for a much more gritty, visualy violent and manic feel overall. When it came to Robocp himself, I played around with sleek designs ( but sleek to me, felt too much like IronMan so I dropped that idea), massive mech vesions and so on. I settled with a throw back to the original but with much more outer machanical elements, as a bare bones , hardend , military machine.
Iv purposely left the helmet off in this version, I wanted the human face to balance the added mass of machine. I may do another version later, with the helmet and play around with some more design elements.

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JohnTaper said...

I think the image is amazing. We over at the are currently discussing this picture and would love it if you could shed some more light on it for us.