Saturday, 30 April 2011


In the next few days I hope to release an image iv been working on, on and off for over a month. Approx 60 hours or so on one image ! For some that might be an average time, for me thats a lifetime. My paintings usualy take a couple of days at the most. Prob because I dont sleep when Im working. Anyway, since Jose Padilha ( fantastic choice , really loking forward to what he creates )has been announced to direct the new remake, Iv been inspired to do my own version of all the elements I loved from the first film. Iv been re-working everything, Ed 209, Robocop, punks and so on. Anybody who knows me personnaly knows Im a little bit nuts over that film so its no suprise this has been on the cards for while.


Paul Dolan said...

Great great movie....I'm intrigued ;-)

Anonymous said...

Would be very interested in seeing that vision you have of the new Robocop!

Can't wait to see it :)