Saturday, 23 April 2011


My Gerrardart site has had some problems recently. Someone or something has been targeting my site and adding malware, bastards . So now when you search for gerrardart in google it says ' 'This site may harm your computer'. I have recently wiped clean the old site and all the files and completely redone the website from scratch. SO , all new clean!. Unfortunatey google search is still registering my old site and disclaiming 'This site may harm your computer'. Plus Firefox uses data from google and determines if a site is safe or not. Not much I can do about that Im afraid untill google catches up on itself and sees the new site, whenever that may be.


Anonymous said...

Google seems to have lift the warning on your site now! Everything seems to have returned to normal!

PCCare247 said...

It take some time to update the indexing. That's why you had his problem.