Monday, 26 September 2011


UNTO THE LOCUST is the cover art for the latest MACHINE HEAD album. From a concept brief by the band exploring imagery derived from the metaphor of the locust. A metaphor for a type of person, being, friend, love government or religion that comes into your life.

From the outset it was a very interesting project to take on, Rob Flynn of Machine Head was pushing for an Art Direction as opposed to a cover. Stemming from the cover, colour, texture, tone , all wrapped up and spawning from the cover. It was a great experience, rather than see it as a CD cover, I approached it from a creature design point of view, the same way I approach any movie designs. Mixed with the mood and art direction that would come from say a gallery piece or key frame. Then translated this through to all the pages, text , logos for the band . I have nothing but admiration for Robb and the band, a real creative powerhouse of minds and allot of fun to work for.

We went through a number of design changes , playing with the balance of 'real' locust features with horror elements, human elements. Some designs favoured more human arms, eyes, limb proportions. Some pure skinny locusts, mass of locusts and so on. Some shadowed creatures, wide shots , close ups. We felt this shot gave a glimpse of what was coming , has the right balance of disgusting texture with locust elements and 'horror' features.

Iv recently been taking this Art Direction and design and using it to help in the creation of the music video. Its going to be allot of fun seeing this creature come alive. Will update with images when I can, taking designs from sketch to photoshop, to 3d model ( physical ) and beyond.

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Hello again
How are you doing
What is the program used?
Is it possible to put you draw sketches in the beginning?
Thank you